With Fiskars augers, simply plant everything

With Fiskars augers, simply plant everything

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No more large helical screw for traditional augers! Now, with QuickDrill from Fiskars, extracting soil becomes child's play, thanks to two sharpened, interchangeable blades, made of hardened steel fixed to a handle. This device allows you to cross thick grass and dig with ease. It also prevents a blockage in the ground as the auger progresses. Fiskars QuikDrill augers are perfect for precision drilling of cylindrical holes. They are easier to handle than a spade, fork or pick. The augers are available in three models of 10, 15 and 20 cm in diameter. The depth graduations present every 10 cm on the handle of the tool allow precise work. The blades are designed with a studied angle which makes them more efficient. The new QuickDrill augers also limit the amount of earth collected. With a lighter tool, work in the garden is simplified. Fiskars also makes it possible to further democratize a product which, in the minds of many, requires significant strength. The auger handle is made of steel, and their glass fiber reinforced polyamide handle is coated with elastomer. Strong, easy to handle, the new QuikDrill augers allow you to work efficiently, with your back straight so as to avoid back pain.


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