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Motorize a swing gate

Motorize a swing gate

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Motorizing a swing gate offers peace of mind and can be very pleasant in order to control the opening of the gate remotely using a remote control. For this, it is not compulsory to call in a specialized technician. Motor kits adaptable to conventional gates are now commercially available. Thus, anyone can install their engine on a swing gate.

Motorize a swing gate: economical and easy

The products currently commercially available are studied to be usable and implemented by an individual. Consequently, they are provided with very precise installation diagrams. In addition, they have also been developed to be inexpensive and have a lifespan of several decades. The first of the criteria to take into account is proximity to a source of electricity. Even if some models are equipped with small photovoltaic panels, the majority remain supplied by conventional current. For around a hundred euros, it is therefore possible to acquire a product that can motorize your swing gate in a few hours.

Motorize a swing gate: respect the bellboy

The vast majority of adaptable products are by connecting the motor to a bar which will operate the gate. This bar, which allows you to easily adjust to different lengths, is called the groom. It is the only part whose placement must be carefully calculated so that the gate opens fully. Once this precaution has been taken, the engine powered and the bellman connected to the door, the private individual can take advantage of the sweetness of saving their movements thanks to the remote control.


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