Three varieties of Baptisia for dry gardens

Three varieties of Baptisia for dry gardens

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Discover the Baptisia 'Purple Smoke', the Baptisia australis 'Alba' and the Baptisia 'Twilight Prairie Blues'. Little known in Europe, Baptisia is part of the lupine family. It is a particularly resistant plant whose strains, once installed, can remain for several years in the garden. However, with Baptisia you have to be patient. Its installation is slow at startup and can sometimes suggest that it does not like where you placed it. Tolerant of limestone, it particularly appreciates light and draining soils, even dry during the summer period. It is the ideal plant if you have a garden in sandy soil, but to forget for heavy and clay soil where it may feel choked. Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' enjoys full sun exposure. It is an all-terrain plant, with abundant flowering in late spring. Its stiff and perfectly straight flowers make wonderful bouquets with an exploding flowering in a shade of indigo and sky blue. At budbreak this variety has flower buds and indigo stems, which lighten to become sky blue when the flowers bloom. Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' grows very well with varieties of Stachys bysanthina, Allium 'Globemaster' and Nepeta 'Six Hill Giant'. Similarly, australia 'Alba' is a very beautiful pure white perennial, a color quite rare in this variety of plants. It is perfect in a romantic English style garden. Finally, Baptisia 'Twilight Prairie Blues' is a variety with spikes of stiff flowers, dark purple in color, almost black, with a very fine yellow border on the border.


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