The Electrolux Inspiration for Luxury

The Electrolux Inspiration for Luxury

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It had been a while since I had heard from Electrolux and I had even started to worry. Usually the brand is quite often talked about by its innovations rather aimed at young people and within the reach of all budgets. But we have to believe that it is changing course and now wishes to seduce another part of the population which has requirements that are similar to those of the great chefs. To attract this new clientele, Electrolux launched on the market a new range called Inspiration, a set of devices that bet on professional performance and design while purity and elegance. For the professional side, Electrolux has chosen chef Yannick Alléno as its ambassador.

Steam ovens

This is obviously THE new cooking method since all the manufacturers are doing it. Electrolux therefore offers two new ovens which offer three modes of steam cooking (combined with fan heat, intense steam alone or alternately) as well as a meat probe. The EOB8841AOX oven has a capacity of 74 liters while the EVY9741AOX oven is intended for smaller areas with its height of 45 cm.
Electrolux, EOB8841AOX, € 1,599.99 Electrolux, EVY9741AOX, € 1,399.99

Free induction

It is the big trend of induction that to no longer limit its cooking zone to the circles drawn on the plate, we can now place our pan wherever we want and whatever its size. On the two hobs of the Inspiration range, a new Stop & Go function which allows you to pause its preparation for a few minutes (timer stopped and automatic warming up) to answer the phone for example. The EHD8740FOK plate has an area of ​​80 cm and 4 cooking zones while the EHH9967FOG plate lengthens for a width of 90 cm and 6 cooking zones.
Electrolux, EHD8740FOK, € 1,199.99 Electrolux, EHH9967FOG, € 1,299.99

Pure refrigeration

On the cold side, the Inspiration range uses a refrigerator called Source which incorporates a new system for distributing fresh, still or sparkling, filtered water. As for the freezer, it features a Frost Free system preventing any frost from forming in the appliance.
Electrolux, ERF3867SOX, € 2,199.99 Electrolux, EUF2947GOX, € 2,199.99


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