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Connect a plug to a stick

Connect a plug to a stick

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Adding an electrical outlet to a general system may be easier than expected. Most electrical installations in homes or apartments have a large quantity of exposed rods through which the electrical wires connected to the central system pass. It is therefore possible to open the wand in order to add a socket to the network.

Connect a plug to a stick: pay attention to the intensity

The only drawback to adding an outlet is to take care of the fuse to which the system is connected on the general electrical panel and to take care not to connect subsequently devices requiring a large amount of electricity. This solution is therefore more conceivable for a socket intended for the addition of an extra lamp or a small device, energy efficient. To be sure, you have to make an electrical assessment of your house by simply adding the amperage of all the devices connected to the same fuse. This information must be present on all household appliances and can be known thanks to the bulbs used on old lamps.

Connect a plug to a baguette: cut, plug in, it's set

To make the connection, you need to have conventional electrician tools and open the rod, paying attention to the dimensions of the future socket. The principle is then the same as any addition to an electrical circuit, it is necessary to strip the wires cleanly and connect them in entry and exit in a traditional way, using a small screwdriver. Most socket models must also be fixed to the wall using screws requiring the use of a drill. Do not panic, four small holes allow to rivet the four screws supplied with said socket.