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Choosing storage cupboards for the attic

Choosing storage cupboards for the attic

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It is important to optimize the space in the attic. In this, the cupboards constitute a simple and practical storage solution which must be functional. Several choices are available to you depending on the space you have.

Choosing storage cupboards for the attic: cupboards with sliding doors

They are ideal for creating an attic storage space without encroaching on the living area. They therefore fit perfectly in places of passage. Simple to install, there are many kits in DIY stores. Note that access to interior storage is not optimal. The customization of the leaves is also possible by means of a wide choice of material, color and decor. _x000D_

Folding door cupboards_x000D_

Easy to use, this type of cupboard adapts to spaces that do not have a large width. They allow good access to the storage contents. The flaps, which fold in on themselves, reduce the impression of bulk, which is particularly appreciable in the confined space that is often the attic. In an authentic style, wooden louvered doors are an option that allows ventilation of the closet.

Hinged door cupboards_x000D_

More similar to the cupboards, these arrangements are provided with leaves which are fixed on the cupboards. If access to the storage contents is optimal during opening, the doors that constitute it can clutter up the space. They therefore adapt to rooms in which there is no shortage of space. Again, as with other models, many styles exist: lacquered, glazed, mirror doors, etc.

The shelves

_x000D_ They have another storage option under the eaves. The shelves, which can be made to measure, are particularly suitable for libraries and offices. They can blend in naturally with your exposed frame or be created from scratch. _x000D_


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