Sow flowering meadow

Sow flowering meadow

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The flowery meadow is an alternative to the traditional massifs and flowerbeds. Choose wisely, it will give you up to six months of flowering, while requiring only minimal maintenance. Difficulty : average (some physical activity) Cost : less than 1 euro per m² Tools required : - a hoe (or a pickaxe) to weed - a grelinette to air and loosen - a roller (or a shovel) to pack - a rake to level

Step 1: Define the boundaries of your meadow

Define the boundaries of your meadow. Here, we use a line and a spade to define a solid in a quarter circle. This massif is located in the extension of a cultivated plot.

Step 2: Strip the ground with a hoe or a pickaxe

Using a hoe or a pickaxe, strip the soil by removing the vegetation in place and the larger stones.

Step 3: Remember to loosen the soil

It is a question of loosening the soil over twenty centimeters to favor the setting of the roots, and to prevent the flowers from flowering and too short a development. In the event of drought, the roots will be able to draw water more deeply, pledge of their survival.
The grelinette, or aero-fork, is the tool of choice for this stage.

Step 4: Calculate the volume of seeds for your plot

Calculate the volume of seeds needed to sow your plot. For this, refer to the indications on the box if you bought your seeds in a garden center. For convenience, use a container in which it is easy to grasp the amount of seeds remaining.

Step 5: Sow on the fly

Sow on the fly, evenly covering the soil.

Step 6: Pass the roller

Pass the roller so that the seeds sink slightly into the ground. This step is not essential for flowers, especially if your soil is finely prepared.
One pass so as not to pack the soil too much. If you don't have a roller, the back of a rake will do just fine.
You can create flower islands as well as a beautiful stretch in one piece. If the country aspect tempts you, you will need a little more space for your meadow to flourish and shine. Low maintenance, mowing will occur late, when the flowers have had time to resow.


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