Video: getting rid of moles in the garden

Video: getting rid of moles in the garden

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Is your garden suffering from mole damage? Do you want to end their ravages? Several solutions are available to you: you can kill them, remove them or capture them alive. Depending on your terrain, you also have the possibility of coupling the different types of traps. To choose well, Karine Tahar explains their specificities, and how to use them well.

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Solutions to get rid of moles

Whether in lawns or in vegetable gardens, moles do considerable damage. But do not worry, there are methods that can quickly resolve this problem: - the hard method: it consists of using guns or mole wrenches, which allow you to strangle or kill the animal inside the molehill , - the gentle method: it only consists in making the mole flee from your garden. For this, you can use devices that will emit ultrasound in the ground. The latter are inaudible to humans, but they will greatly disturb the animal which will go away on its own. You just need to clear the top of the clod of earth and plant the box, leaving only the head of the device visible. The boxes can run on batteries or solar energy. Each of them can cover between 300 and 500 square meters of land.

The mole trap

As an intermediate solution, there is also the mole trap. It takes the form of a tube in which the mammal has the possibility of entering but not of coming out. So you can catch the live mole if you raise your traps regularly. You now know how to get rid of moles that degrade your garden. It's up to you to choose the ideal solution to find calm in your property. Find the different mole traps on Produced by Minute Facile.


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