Laying wall tiles

Laying wall tiles

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Laying a wall tile does not require special skills: you just have to work with application. The secret to successful tiling lies above all in the proper preparation of the surface to be tiled.

Preparation of the surface to be tiled

The layout is a fundamental step. It determines the number of tiles needed to cover the entire surface and establish the laying direction. The wall must be healthy, dry and perfectly flat. Sand any rough edges and fill in the holes and cracks using the plaster. If you lay your tile on an absorbent surface, such as wood or plaster, first apply a layer of fixative. Are the tiles intended to be placed in a shower or in a damp room? Apply an undercoat that will protect the tile from moisture.

Cleat fixing

Then fix the battens on the wall to guide the positioning of the different tiles. Start by drawing a horizontal line along the floor: its height must correspond to that of a tile, to which you will add space for the joint. Screw the cleat to the wall and check that it is properly positioned with a spirit level. Draw a second vertical line, leaving the same space. Screw the second cleat: the two sticks must form an angle of 90 °.

Wall tiles

Start laying at the cross of the two battens. Use paste adhesive or adhesive mortar. Apply the product using a spatula, in a thin and uniform layer, on the surface to be tiled. Tap the tile to promote grip. Attach a cross at each corner of the tile. You will undoubtedly have to make cuts. To do this, use a hole saw, a wire saw or a parrot's beak. Finally, finish with the joints, which allow the gaps to be plugged for a perfect seal. They are carried out with special tile joint mortar. Apply the product with a trowel, making movements up and down then lateral movements. Once everything is dry, clean the tiles with a damp sponge.


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