Choosing an above ground pool

Choosing an above ground pool

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Without embarking on earthworks, the above-ground pool has many advantages: ease and speed of installation, portability, cost ... Several models exist and the choice depends on the budget considered, the use (number of people accommodated , age) and use (summer or all year).

The inflatable above ground pool

It is the entry level of above ground pools. It is therefore affordable in terms of price and simple to install. It can consist of several air tubes or a large pocket surmounted by a tube. Made of PVC or polyester, it is designed without a rigid structure: it is the filling that stretches the pool wall. It requires a flat floor and a good quality of fabric. Round, oval or rectangular, it can reach 10 m in diameter for rounds and even more for rectangular ones.

The above ground frame pool

Also known as a structure pool, it consists of a solid frame such as steel tubes nested one inside the other and a thick fabric. This chassis therefore makes it more rigid. Again, it can be round, oval or rectangular. But it offers more bathing space than the previous one, with comparable surface, because the volume of its structure is smaller. From 7 m in diameter for round, to 11 m long for rectangular, its depth does not exceed 1.30 m.

Rigid above-ground pools

Solid and reliable, its modular panel structure can be made of wood, steel or resin. Made of exotic wood, it is very aesthetic and has significant durability. It is possible to arrange a real space around it such as a wooden terrace or even a beach. Like the other models, it is sold in a kit but its assembly is a little longer. From 8 to 10 m in diameter, its depth does not exceed 1.30 m. Being able to be semi-buried, it is a long-term investment more expensive than the previous ones.


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