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Install a PVC gutter birth

Install a PVC gutter birth

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A PVC gutter allows you to save money while ensuring good resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. Easy to set up, this type of gutter is nevertheless more sensitive to install at birth.

Birth of the PVC gutter: determine its diameter

One of the most difficult elements to install for a PVC gutter is the creation of a gutter, which makes the link with the descent (drainage cap) in which the water will be evacuated. First determine the location of the birth, which will be located at the end of the gutter. Its diameter, like that of the gutter and the descent, will then be chosen according to the surface of the roof.

PVC gutter: cutting the cap

The PVC gutter models fit together and it will be the same for the birth. To insert it perpendicular to the gutter, trace the circumference of the hole on the gutter that will accommodate the birth. Be careful to respect the predefined dimensions. For this, use a felt pen and the birth to take the contours. Saw the cap drawn on the gutter, using a hacksaw that can be relaxed for greater flexibility. A hole saw can also allow more precise cutting. However, you have some freedom because you will then have to sand the contours with a half-round file and then sandpaper. Therefore, the cap sawn at the beginning should not be too wide.

Installation of the birth on the gutter

The birth can then be mounted on the gutter. Make the two openings coincide (that of the birth and that created in the gutter). Press the birth onto the gutter until it fixes.


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