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Choose a type of frame

Choose a type of frame

The frame, the base of your roof, is essential to determine the solidity of the whole. Two frame systems are available to you, farmhouse or traditional, with specific qualities.

The farmhouse frame: solid, economical but not habitable

The frame structure is a less expensive solution than the traditional frame. In wood or wood derivatives, this type of system involves very close-together planks solidified by metal connectors. This small space makes it impossible to convert the underside of the roof. In addition, the beams cannot be accompanied by flat surfaces on which you can walk or store things. Only a plaster ceiling is possible to cover the frame. The farmhouse is very resistant and allows simple and economical insulation.

The traditional frame: habitable roof space but a high price

The traditional frame allows, unlike the farmhouse, to install attic space under the roof. This gain in area therefore offers the possibility of gaining living space. This consideration should be put in parallel with the higher price of this type of frame, generally made of solid wood (more than 150 euros per square meter). Insulation is also more complicated to install and more expensive. The structural elements can be assembled by means of metal rods or rods or by complementary profiles.