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Choose the roof gutters

Choose the roof gutters

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The gutters, used for the evacuation of water, should especially not be neglected when you renovate your roof. Different shapes and materials are available for specific uses.

Gutters: which shape to choose?

Depending on the inclination of the roof, certain shapes of gutters are more or less well suited. Regional habits are also to be taken into account. So, you can opt for semi-round, square, Ardennes or Le Havre gutters (which take the base of the roof) or Nantes (which form a significant angle while taking the base of the roof).

Gutters: different materials possible

The materials used for roof gutters are numerous. Zinc is often chosen for gutters: resistant, waterproof and not very porous, it combines all the qualities for this type of function. Fashionable PVC is inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. PVC can also be colored for an extra touch of aesthetics. Aluminum (very light and anticorrosive, but not very resistant to frost), copper (robust and authentic, but expensive) or lacquered galvanized steel, offer other possibilities still, with weights, resistance levels and variable prices.


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