Design a passive house plan

Design a passive house plan

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You want to build an eco-friendly house. It starts from its conception on the drawing table. Indeed, a passive house cannot be improvised. The more it was thought upstream, the more effective it will be.

Passive house plan: the results to be respected

As soon as the plan is drawn up, three results must not be exceeded: the heating must not exceed 15KWH / m² / year; heating-water-appliance consumption must remain below 120 KWh / m² / year and airtightness must be maximum with a renewal of 0.6 times the volume of the house per hour under pressure or depression of 50 pascals.

Passive house plan: a double expertise

To build a passive house, you need the help of two experts: an architect of course, but also a thermician (specialist in thermal energy). The latter will have to study the topology of the terrain, the climate and the characteristics of the environment. The first step is to think of the rooms: the living spaces (living room) must be oriented to the South. The rooms will be built along a south-east axis. Passage rooms, such as the laundry room, can be fitted out in the northern part of the house.

Passive house plan: computer assistance

For the design of the passive house, professionals generally use approved software: PHPP (Passive House Planning Package). The PHPP contains: calculation of energy balances, ventilation design, calculation of heat load, calculation of cold load, passive house certification and list of certified passive house products.


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