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Choose a land

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You like calm or, on the contrary, being surrounded by neighbors, the choice of the location of your future home is the first big decision to make. It turns out to be essential for the progress of the works and a possible resale.

Where to choose your land?

Word of mouth, notaries, town hall, specialized press,… there is no quick fix to find the place of your dreams. We can, however, divide the land into two categories: isolated land and subdivision land. In the first case, the surface is large and the absence of vis-à-vis guaranteed. Be careful however to be able to easily connect to water, electricity, cable, or even to roads. In the second case, the developer will have taken these steps before. However, the construction specifications will be imposed on you.

Choose a building plot

You have located the ideal place. The imperative step is to go to the town hall to ensure that the land is viable. Check that the site is buildable on the Local Urban Plan (PLU). It is also a question of knowing the possible risks: floods, ground movement, etc. linked to the terrain. The size of the foundations may be imposed on you if the land is in a sensitive area which will cause an additional cost.

Finance the purchase of his land

If it is a land in a subdivision, the developer will offer you his commercial solutions (the service is free). The builder of your house can offer to set up the credit file for you. In addition to your personal contribution, there are several additional loans: 0% plus loan, 1% housing loan or Housing savings loan. To compare credits, ask for the global effective rate (TEG) because it includes borrowing costs such as insurance.