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Choosing a Home Builder

Choosing a Home Builder

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You are going to have your house built. To make your dream a reality, it is now a question of surrounding yourself with good professionals. Home builders fall into three categories, depending on the type of house you want. Each with its advantages and disadvantages: the choice is yours.

Custom home builders

A jacuzzi in the middle of the living room, marble walls, everything is possible here, in compliance with the law. You design the house of your dreams with one or more architects, from the blank sheet to the last brushstroke. The best choice if you want to stand out from your neighbors. Count an additional cost of 10 and 15% of the amounts of the works HT for the fees of the architect.

Home builders on catalog

The most economical and safest choice. You choose your house with a standard plan. The functionality of the house has already been tested by several other owners. No worries on that side. You can visit since the house exists in several copies. Thanks to its mass production, the purchase is less expensive than a custom house. It is the most frequent choice for a first home.

Builders of mixed houses

The most common solution. You and the builder start from an already existing plan house. From this base, you can personalize your home by modifying certain materials, interior design, etc.


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