Building a house: self-construction

Building a house: self-construction

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Your decision is made: you will build your house yourself. Substantial savings and the satisfaction of building with your hands, self-construction can prove to be an ideal solution. But, be careful, trowel and goodwill are not enough.

Self-help: obtain administrative authorizations

You have found the land of your dreams. But is it buildable? The first step is to go to the town planning office. We will tell you which are the building plots in the PLU (Local Urban Plan). The building permit file must then be filed with the town hall. You will receive an answer within two months. Note that a building permit is valid for two years, renewable for one year. So plan work over a maximum of three years. Beyond 170 m² of floor space, the use of an architect is compulsory.

Self-construction: stages of work

The construction of a house follows specific stages. The first is earthwork to level the ground. Do not forget the trenches for the connection to water and electricity. Next are the foundations. Concrete blocks, bricks or concrete, it is up to you to decide which material will be made for your cozy nest. This is also where the frame and roof emerge. Your house is taking shape, it's time for the finishing work. This is to define the exterior coating. Depending on the region, the choice will be more or less vast. Insulation is a crucial phase: no question of living in a sauna or in a refrigerator. Legislation has evolved a lot on this issue to better protect the environment.

Self-construction: a saving of 30 to 60%

Self-construction saves 30 to 60% compared to a professional construction site. In return, plan 1,000 to 3,000 hours of work depending on your skills and the size of your home. Also, make sure the whole family adheres to your project before you get started.


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