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Renovate paneling

Renovate paneling

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The paneling is a wooden wall covering which gives a warm appearance to a room. It is also a coating that requires a little maintenance. There are different solutions for renovating paneling (varnish, paint, stain, oil or wax). Whatever solution you choose to renovate the paneling, you must first prepare the surface.

Prepare the paneling to renovate

Two scenarios are possible: either the paneling is raw, in this case it is enough to sand it very lightly before dusting it. Either the paneling is painted, stained, varnished or waxed. In one of these cases apply a paint or varnish remover, or a decision maker, if the paneling is waxed. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to get a good result. Once the surface is bare, you just have to sand with a thick grain paper first then with medium grain and finish with a fine grain. Don't forget to dust before moving on to the second stage of the renovation.

Apply the finish on the paneling to be renovated

You can renovate the paneling by painting it, applying a varnish, wax or stain. If you choose to paint, first apply an undercoat for the wood and then paint in the color you like. If you choose to renovate the paneling by varnishing it, be sure to apply two coats of varnish (or even three). Apply a first thin layer with a brush, let dry and lightly sand with fine-grained paper. Dust, apply a second coat and allow to dry. If you prefer to renovate the paneling by waxing, apply the wax with a brush or a lint-free cloth in an even layer and let it dry. Wax has the advantage of tinting and nourishing the wood.


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