Choose an extractor hood

Choose an extractor hood

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It is the essential element of a kitchen to evacuate smoke and other bad smells: choosing an extractor hood is an aesthetic reflection, but also, and above all, practical. The flow rate for air renewal and the type of hood are the essential criteria.

What type of extractor hood?

For the shape, there are two types of extractor hoods: hoods called "caps", which will come to cover the kitchen space, and chimney hoods, which can be placed in the center of the kitchen if we have by example an island. The former stand out for their practicality and affordability in terms of budget; the latter are more aesthetic but more expensive, and require more extensive installation work. Design buffs may prefer the ceiling hood which turns into a light panel when not in use.

Choose an extractor hood: exhaust or recycling?

The second essential criterion for choosing a suitable extractor hood: the hood with external exhaust or recycling. As the name suggests, the first requires to be connected to a conduit leading outside the house, and is therefore to be preferred in individual houses. The recycling hood is equipped with carbon filters (to be changed regularly!) Which clean the air before discharging it into the kitchen. The first is less expensive and suitable for frying enthusiasts, but cannot be installed everywhere.

Choosing an extractor hood: the importance of flow

Whatever type of range hood you choose, think above all about the air flow. A mini-hood will logically have no use in a large kitchen! A small operation allows you to calculate the flow required to choose an extractor hood that is well suited to its space. Multiply the area by the height of the walls then by ten gives the flow required per cubic meter hour. Last detail to check, the noise level of the hood. Do not hesitate to compare.


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