Natuzzi: the best of Italian design

Natuzzi: the best of Italian design

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It has been almost 50 years that the Italian brand has shown us that design and comfort go hand in hand. Natuzzi does not only offer convivial and stylish sofas: the complete furnishings of the living room and the dining room are also present in the catalog of the Italian brand. Lines that cross fashions and eras, new soft and resistant materials, a design for everyday life ... Natuzzi furniture stands out for its elegance and its lifespan. Saga made in Italy!

In search of aesthetics

The culture of the beautiful, the love of art and the philosophy of good living belong to Italian history. It is no coincidence that the Italian style has always stood out in the world of fashion, design, architecture and furniture. Natuzzi has naturally embarked on this search for the aesthetics and quality of products dear to Italian know-how. Each model of sofa, seat or piece of furniture is designed in the brand's style office and manufactured in one of the group's establishments in Italy, using a millimeter craft method.

Success story

The group was founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi. Son of a cabinetmaker, at the age of 19 he opened a craft laboratory in Taranto, Italy. With three collaborators, he builds sofas and armchairs for the local market. After a detour into the commercial sector, he returned to his first love a few years later and embarked on large-scale industrial production of furniture and sofas. In the early 1980s, during a trip to the United States, Pasquale Natuzzi felt that the time had come to make a fundamental change: democratizing the leather sofa, a product still reserved for an elite at the time. The success won in the USA, confirmed by the listing on the Wall Street stock exchange in May 1993, propelled Natuzzi to conquer other markets, mainly in Europe and the Far East. Fame continues on its way and Natuzzi opens its first stores under its own name. In France, models of sofas, armchairs and furniture can be found today in more than 20 stores. Real "Concept Stores" where the products displayed allow everyone to find the ideal model for their lifestyle. Each sofa and armchair is customizable (fabric, leather, shape), which allows it to be adapted to the space and layout of its living room, but also to its decoration.


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