Choosing the kitchen table: all our tips

Choosing the kitchen table: all our tips

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Choose the kitchen table: wooden, glass or metal

In this area, wood is logically the most resistant. The rule then consists in not making the mistake of taste to mix the essences: one will not install an oak table in a kitchen whose furniture is in pine. Brushed, shiny or varnished, the wooden table can be adapted to many interiors. Glass still suits design kitchens better, although fragile and expensive. Modernity also translates with a metal table, but you have to plan to clean it often: it marks stains.

A medium-sized table

As banquets are generally held in the dining room, there is no need to choose the kitchen table in large dimensions. It all depends of course on the size of the family and the meals that are taken in this room, but in general, an average table is more than enough. In case of doubt, it can be chosen with extensions. It is thus possible to save space on a daily basis and to enlarge the table in the event of surprise guests. As for the shape of the table, it is above all a matter of taste. A round table allows better circulation around, but must be installed in the heart of the kitchen.

If the kitchen is very small ...

Two solutions are available to people with a Lilliputian version kitchen: the foldable table, which folds down around storage racks, can be very practical; the one-legged table, which attaches to the wall, otherwise known as a bar table.