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Give a New York style to a kitchen for 350 euros

Give a New York style to a kitchen for 350 euros

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If you are always in action and lively then you have many things in common with New York, the city that never sleeps. And if your kitchen seems a bit dull and unattractive, this is the opportunity or never to revisit this room in New York style. With a budget of € 350, discover how the Big Apple can transform your kitchen into a trendy and modern place.

See New York everywhere

New York is so popular in decoration that you will be spoiled for choice to find furniture and accessories in this style. For your kitchen, you will find bar stools at But on which are printed the names of the New York neighborhoods (59 €), a Curver bin with a view of the buildings (around 50 €) or a clock with the famous New York cab (€ 17.49 at Amazon). Do not hesitate to hide your large appliances with La Maison de Valérie stickers which will allow you to discover the most beautiful views of NYC (€ 17 for the dishwasher sticker and € 26 for the fridge sticker).

The fast-food spirit

Has anyone ever imagined visiting New York without tasting a hamburger? Among the images that we have of this city, there is inevitably that of the fast-food of the 50s where we can taste the perfect hamburger. You can easily find this atmosphere in your kitchen thanks to the Mango Yes We Cook kitchen set which contains a towel dispenser as well as a can of mustard and a ketchup (€ 19.90). Finally, to add a touch of humor, fall for the corded hamburger phone from Silly (also € 19.90 at Amazon).

A gourmet decor

Don't forget that New York is also the capital of gourmets thanks to its pastries which are all the rage today like the famous cupcakes. These little sweet treats have now become patterns that are often found in decoration. So add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen with this cupcake pot from Premier Housewares (€ 16.45 at Amazon) or brighten up your walls with a printed cupcake canvas at (around € 7). To complete this sweet decor, add a cake display (Nuova R2S brand at Amazon at € 42.50) which will have an even greater effect with a cheesecake placed on it.


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