Fight against the formation of mosses

Fight against the formation of mosses

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Mosses can appear in various places of the house, on roofs, but also on facades, the terrace, in damp rooms. With the exception of roofs and terraces, the formation of mosses is most often due to a humidity problem, which must be treated first.

Mosses on the roofs

It is common to find mosses on roofs, and this is not a problem, except from an aesthetic point of view. The first step will be to obtain a defoamer commercially, but also, why not, a copper wire. We will first clean the roof, then apply the anti-foam product which action is both curative and preventive, but the operation must be repeated regularly so that the foam does not return. Regarding the copper wire, opinions are divided, but we can still put it on the ridge: it is the rainwater that will dissolve a little copper, which will prevent the formation of foam.

Treatment of terrace and wall foam

A terrace can also be treated with an anti-foaming product, but we can also apply a water-repellent product, just like on stones, tiles, bricks ... in order to prevent the stagnation of humidity and therefore the formation of foam. . Another solution could be to waterproof the terrace with a liquid product based on siloxane resins. This product can also be used on stone, brick, cement walls, or on all porous and non-cracked substrates.