Acoustically insulating a ceiling

Acoustically insulating a ceiling

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Noise from an apartment above your home can be very annoying and, although the best solution would be to soundproof the top floor, this is not always possible. All that remains is to create a false insulating ceiling to reduce nuisance.

Install the fixing structure of the acoustic insulation of the ceiling

For the insulation to be effective, the false ceiling must be fixed so as not to transmit noise through the fixing. So it all depends on the type of ceiling you have, but the solution is generally to create a metal frame, fixed to the ceiling using suspensions preventing vibrations for good sound insulation fixed at regular distances in the ceiling. However, the best result in terms of sound insulation will be obtained thanks to a long-span frame, which means that the rails or the beams will be fixed to the walls, on each side.

Install insulation and false ceiling

The empty space created by this installation will be filled with a fibrous insulation, which comes in panels or rolls, and will be placed contiguously on the framework. It should be noted that the thickness of the insulation is not a guarantee of better efficiency, glass wool being an excellent sound insulator, as are some innovative products. Then, the elements of the false ceiling, generally in light plasterboard, are fixed on the rails or the rails, and it only remains to hide the joints, before painting or installing the final coating.