Video: a wedding table with natural accents

Video: a wedding table with natural accents

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For lovers of nature and African colors, here is a wedding table that will take you on a journey. Discover the advice prepared by the editorial staff of.

Watch the video :

video id = "0" / To start, choose an original and quirky tablecloth but nevertheless related to the theme. Here we thought of the butterfly (fabric that is woven very thin, very light) to bring a touch of softness and exoticism. Skip the burlap that will weigh down your decor and which is less suitable for a wedding table. In terms of color codes, stay in shades of inspiration>. Prefer amber and smoked shades that will bring more warmth to your table. Do not hesitate to play on the heights of glasses for a decorative effect. The dishes are sober and in harmony with rough (wooden) place mats. To perfect the decor, think of succulents and flowers. So play on a centerpiece very stocked and why not, if space allows, you can perfect the decor around the table with dry plants.

Shopping :

To help you decorate your wedding table with natural accents, here are some shopping ideas. Plates - ALINEA - 12 euros for 6 placemats - ALINEA - 13 euros for 2 amber and black glasses - ALINEA - 29.40 euros the 6 smoked glasses - ALINEA - 11.40 euros the 6 Lantern - IKEA - 6.90 euros the unit Vases - IKEA - 16.90 euros the 3 Plants - IKEA - 4.99 euros the unit Styling of the table: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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