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Install spotlights on rail

Install spotlights on rail

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The choice of the rail carrying the spots

The choice of rail depends of course on its location. A rail can be installed horizontally or vertically, i.e. it can be fixed to the wall or the ceiling. The rails are of various shapes, straight or curved, long or short. The lighting of this type of luminaire draws precise lines of light. This allows to illuminate a useful surface like a table or to highlight an object like a table. Easy to move along the rail and often adjustable, the spots will allow you to modify the lighting according to your needs or your desires.

Attach the rail

As before any operation that involves electrical manipulation, cut the power. Then you need to fix the rail. To do this, mark the location of the rail with a pencil. Then, using an electric drill, drill the holes for the fasteners. Pin and place the movable tabs on the rail. Place the rail and tighten the fasteners well because the rail-spotlights assembly can sometimes be very heavy.

Supply of spotlights on rail

Connect the electric cable to the rail. In general, this type of installation allows the cable to be embedded in the rail for aesthetic reasons. Then you just have to connect the conductors. Rail spotlights are often equipped with a three-phase power supply, which allows it to support a large number of spots. Then slide the base of the spots into the rail. Attach each spot to its base, reconnect the power and test your installation.