Install a fluorescent tube

Install a fluorescent tube

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Assemble the strip of the fluorescent tube

The fluorescent tubes are mounted on a strip. This strip is generally not itself mounted. This is an operation that you must carry out. In the strip, you will find two sockets, a transformer and a choke fitted with electric wires. Place the sockets on each side of the strip, in the holes provided for this purpose. Then clip the choke support at the end of the strip, near one of the sockets. The metal cover of the tube is always connected to earth (yellow and green wire), unplug it to facilitate the fitting of the strip.

Install the strip

Place the strip in its future location and mark the fixing holes with a pencil. Use a bubble ruler to ensure the horizontality of the cornice. Drill the holes, place the dowels and screw the strip. Connect the power wires. To do this, you will find a connector with two terminals in the center of the strip. Connect the ground wire (yellow and green) to the tube cover again and clip it onto the strip.

Place the fluorescent tube

Once this has been done, all you have to do is place the fluorescent tube on the strip. It suffices to fit the tube into the two sockets that you have located at the ends of the strip. Then turn the tube a quarter turn to fix it completely. Once the fluorescent tube is in place, you just have to test your installation.