Claire's ethnic bedroom

Claire's ethnic bedroom

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. For the customization of the console in "Crackled effect": Preparation plaster on smooth surface / wood "Old-fashioned paint" Crackle paint shade "Mandarin" Crackle gel Colorless wax Brushes for whitewash LIBERON

THE luminaire:

. 1 Nacre and Orange ethnic chandelier Decorative chandelier, ethnic and oriental atmosphere, chandelier in mother-of-pearl pastilles, make your interior a sunset! The Ethnic Mother-of-Pearl Orange lamp is available in 3 colors: see it absolutely in Red Mother-of-Pearl Chandelier and White Mother-of-Pearl Chandelier… Atmosphere and gaiety guaranteed with this ethnic and oriental chandelier in real natural mother-of-pearl! The light is warm and warm! 1 Mother-of-pearl and Orange lamp Fancy a purchase of Decorative Lamp, nature and oriental atmosphere? Falling for this Orange Oriental Mother-of-Pearl Lamp is bringing in the sun itself, and an ethnic and Oriental atmosphere, warm in color… This Oriental Lamp exists in 2 colors: see the White Mother-of-Pearl Lamp… MILLUMINE Square shade 23x23 cm black color CASTORAMA Tripod lamp GIFI www.gif "> Showroom Paris 18, rue Saint Nicolas 75012 PARIS France [email protected] Tel: +33 (0) 1 43 44 65 19 Couette Oreillers GIFI www.gif ">


. "Zebra 1" non-woven wallpaper VIVAMURAL Wengé Dakar Mirror 30 x 120 cm CASTORAMA Mural: Dulux Valentine Painting - World Colors - Australia Expression Dulux Valentine Painting - World Colors - Kenya Clear Dulux Valentine Painting - World Colors - Kenya Intense Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Velvet Satin - Intense White DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range only for sale at Leroy Merlin Curtain rod Oslo 300 cm Ø 20 mm matt black CASTORAMA 2 Canvas on frame GIFI www.gif "> The candles: 1 candle holder imperial family elephant REF. P90654 1 lantern holder imperial family giraffe REF.P90655 1 box of 12 lanterns scent * luscious orange * REF.V06350 3 pillars 7 x 7 scent * orchard apples * REF.C3300206 4 mini candle jar scent * luscious orange * REF.G33350 4 mini scented candle jar * ebony and patchouli * REF.G33438 1 African earth tray REF. P90977 2 pillars 7 x 12 fragrance * mandarin and mango * REF.C350154 2 pound holder for African soil REF. P90978 2 Lots of CANDLE CANDLES (3 pillars of 3 sizes) RE. P95421 2 wall lights AURORA REF.P95975 2 candles 3 wicks scent * ebony and patchouli * REF.S65438 2 candle jars NATURE * S LIGHT by partylite REF.G41355 2 candle jars NATURE * S LIGHT by partylite REF. G41438 PARTYLITE


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