Laying tiles on the stairs

Laying tiles on the stairs

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Laying tiles on a staircase can seem more complex than on a simple work surface. However, by respecting a few basic rules and moving in the right order, the exercise turns out to be easier than it initially appeared.

The layout (sketch) is essential.

To tile a staircase, the layout step is essential. It makes it possible to determine the quantity of tiles required, and above all to plan and facilitate installation. The measurements are to be reported carefully. Above all, the space provided for the joints (between 1.5 and 4 mm) must not be forgotten. Once this step is completed, a white pose will allow you to fine-tune the last aesthetic details (especially in the case of patterned tiles).

Cutting the tiles

The cuts must be made during the blank installation using a tiler's chisel. If necessary, a file will be used for finishing. In general, and for aesthetic reasons, these cuts are made on the inside corners, that is to say towards the inside of the steps.

Laying the tiles on the stairs

Once all the cuts have been made, all that remains is to glue and lay the tiles. The work is done from the top of the stairs down, so as not to force on the freshly tiled areas. We then start with walking and then with the riser (the vertical part). If you plan to decorate the stair nosing assembly, these must be put in place first, to be firmly anchored in the structure. Finally, if the staircase cannot be condemned during installation, it is advisable to only tile one step out of two, in order to allow its use.


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