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Choosing a solar water heater

Choosing a solar water heater

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Energy respectful of the environment par excellence, solar today proves to be totally viable for heating an entire house.

The solar water heater, an ecological solution

The solar water heater today succeeds in combining respect for the environment and efficiency. However, the solar water heater must be accompanied by an additional domestic hot water heating system in order to supply needs all year round. This monobloc can be of variable capacity. It will fill the insufficient sunshine in certain regions.

Different types of solar water heaters

Three categories of solar water heaters are available on the market, but all operate using solar collectors, often installed on the roof, which transmit heat to a heat transfer fluid. The water heaters can be a monobloc thermosiphon, a thermosiphon with separate elements, or separate elements in forced circulation. The first two do not need a circulator and regulator. Their difference comes from the fact that the sensors and the balloon are separated or not. With separate elements, the ball is placed inside, therefore protected, unlike the other system. The forced circulation water heater has a regulator which starts the circulation of the fluid.

The solar water heater, a high cost but a very reduced consumption

If the solar water heater is expensive to buy and install, it remains an attractive solution in the long term, because it uses the sun's rays to be supplied. Tax subsidies also encourage this choice for homeowners. > Request a quote for a solar water heater


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