Lay the floor in the attic

Lay the floor in the attic

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Elements to take into consideration

Before laying the floor in the attic, it is essential to acclimatize the room a few days before the start of work; wood shrinks with temperature variations. Once the attic is well acclimatized, you can install the joists. These, along with the joists, in fact constitute the base of your floor and make it more regular.

Fixing the floor in the attic

Then start by laying the floor from the center of the room, the attic generally does not have a homogeneous surface. Also leave a space of several millimeters between the wall and the last board, for ventilation and to avoid humidity. Do not hesitate to conceal this small surface by installing a plinth, and use a nail punch to make installation easier. Add mineral wool between the joists and the joists to ensure good thermal insulation in your attic. Arrange each blade by fitting the tongue of one board with the groove of the next with a hammer and a wooden block. When installing the last plank, cut it out using a circular saw. The floor is now laid. Wait one to two weeks and polish it using a sander.


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