Changing a broken tile

Changing a broken tile

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Falling a heavy object on a tiled floor can cause a crack, or even break the earthenware covering the floor. The best solution to repair is to replace the damaged tile. For this, the first precaution to take is to buy more tiles than necessary at the time of installation. Then, the procedure to follow is quite simple.

Cleaning broken tiles ...

To remove the broken tile, you must first break it. First of all, it is important to protect your eyes and hands, because pieces of earthenware can jump during the intervention. In order not to risk breaking the rest of the tiles, it is advisable to make holes in the center of the piece to be removed with a drill. Thus, the tile will be weakened and easier to break later. Then with a mason's chisel and hammer, it may be advisable to break the joints. For the same reason as in the previous step, you must hold the chisel tilted and go around the square, taking care not to attack the neighboring tiles. After removing the pieces of earthenware, it is important to thoroughly clean the floor area that will accommodate the new tile. For that, it is necessary to scrape the last traces of glue then to pass the vacuum cleaner to make everything disappear.

… When gluing broken tiles

The reconstruction of the tiling begins with a gluing phase from the surface to the floor. The putty must be deposited on the square space as well as on the edges of the tile to be laid. When installing the new tile, it is important to make sure it is in the middle of the space relative to the tiles around it. After positioning the tile, you must make the joints that will hold it. For this, the best is to coat the entire space with mortar with a scraper and then wipe the tile with a damp sponge. After these operations, it is advisable not to step on the new tile for 24 hours.


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