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What wall covering for my living room?

What wall covering for my living room?

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A few decades ago, the choice of interior wall covering was limited to wallpaper and paint. Fortunately, the decor has taken a giant step in this area and the brands are today competing in imagination to offer us always more materials, colors and interesting visual effects. The living room is the ideal room to play with the textures and tones on the walls. Let your imagination run wild and create a decoration to suit your desires!

Natural materials

To perfect a decoration with natural, Zen or even very contemporary accents, opt for a wall covering made of so-called "raw" materials. Leather, stone or wood provide a warm and authentic atmosphere. The stone offers a very rich color chart (slate, white stone, quartz, etc.). The facing plates, in natural stone or imitation stone, are quite easy to install and are accessible in terms of budget. The rendering is natural and very impressive! Leather offers a noble and sophisticated touch to the living room. You can opt for a quilted pose like Chesterfield or large slabs for a more contemporary effect ( More classic, wood in the form of paneling offers a real decorative bias and remains the preferred material for seaside, Nordic or mountain atmospheres. It also has the advantage of being affordable, easy to install and hiding small visual defects on your wall!

The classics

Paint and wallpaper remain more than ever in the race! They are certainly classic materials but nothing prevents you from using them in a different way to twister your decoration. To think outside the box, look at effect paints (mineral plaster or cloud effect at Ressource, concrete and lime paint at Castorama). The wallpapers can be exposed on a single section of wall, or better in single strip for a very graphic visual effect.

The walls are trompe l'oeil

New in the decorative world, the trompe l'oeil wall offers multiple visual possibilities. The PVC wallcovering can be fixed in a jiffy and comes in several very realistic patterns (imitation wood, mineral, concrete). The Grosfillex brand offers a wide range of PVC blades that can be easily installed and maintained, all for a low price ( The trompe l'oeil is also presented in the form of a painted fresco, large format photo or wallpaper. Play the humor card in your stay!


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