Repair an electric cable

Repair an electric cable

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Heat shrink tubing…

After cutting the current passing through the cable to be repaired, it is necessary to strip the copper wires. Two sheaths can be removed over a few centimeters: the first is often gray or white. It is the one that runs along the walls or plinths and hides the installation. The others are those of color: blue, red and brown most often. They represent the positive and negative polarities and the earth connection. It is this trio which allows the passage of current, it is therefore essential to preserve it and repair the entire device. After having stripped the ends of the cables to be connected to replace the damaged part, the two elements must be welded together, respecting the colors. Thus, each wire must be tied and welded with its counterpart. After this step, the use of a heat-reactive sheath must make it possible to cover the bare parts and to reinforce the joint. To hold and take the shape of the cable, the protection must be heated with a lighter or a hair dryer.

… Domino

A small device simplifies even more the repair of an electric cable. It is then a question of bringing the two parts of the wire into a domino. Two situations are possible: either one end of the cable enters on one side of the domino and the other leaves it on the other side; or the two parts of the cable are twisted together and inserted on the same side of the domino. In both cases, the wires are held by a system of screws that need only be tightened. Do not force too much on the screws so as not to damage the cables. But a domino that does not hold the wires enough may also create a breakdown, or even overheating, which can cause a fire.


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