Install a thermodynamic water heater

Install a thermodynamic water heater

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Pay attention to the connection

In this type of water heater, as in the case of a classic electric model, the most important and difficult is always the connection to the different networks. It is first necessary to connect the water heater to the power supply, to the cold water source, the two inlets will provide continuous power to the device. Only one outlet is needed, the one that goes directly to the plumbing distribution network. Once these three connections have been made, installation is very simple.

Thermodynamic water heater on the floor or above

The thermodynamic water heater can be installed in two ways, on the ground by placing it and taking care to raise it a few centimeters, especially when it is in a room that can be humid like a cellar or a basement . If you want to fix it on the wall, you should, on the contrary, ask for the help of a friend. Unlike the majority of other water heater models, the thermodynamics have not been lightened, their condensation mechanism weighing heavily and cannot be improved for the moment.