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Unusual vases at low prices

Unusual vases at low prices

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This season, the vases are daring. In these extraordinary models, be sure that your pretty bouquets will not go unnoticed! Here are 5 original vases at low prices.

Bulb vase

Light on a collection of Truffaut vases directly inspired by our good old incandescent bulbs. Transparent and light design at will, we love it.

Vase with geometric lines

As its name suggests, the "Ceramic" range at Ferm Living offers us pure white ceramic vases whose geometric silhouette seduces us!

Artist vase

In a few words, the Fast vase to find at Fleux looks like an open paint bucket whose white paint froze after being dropped at high speed in the air. Aesthetics and creation are at the rendezvous!

Deformable vase

The "goldfish swimming in a plastic bag" effect transcribed in a vase, this is what the "Sack vase" model by Pa Design offers us. Indeed, with its thermoformable PVC coat, it can be infinitely modulated…

Cardboard vase

The cardboard decorative trend has crept into the flowers. And to make possible the marriage of cardboard, plants and water, we concealed a glass jar inside the voluptuous dressing while roundness. Simply named "Cardboard Vase" at Fleux.


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