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Ceruse a parquet

Ceruse a parquet

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To give your parquet floor a facelift, white lead is a solution. This technique will revive the grain of the wood.

Preparation of the parquet to whitewash

If the wood is not raw, the first step before whitewashing parquet is to strip it. Use a commercially available dewaxer for this. If vitrified, the wood should also be sanded. Once the floor has been cleaned, clear it up with diluted bleach (1 glass of bleach for one liter of water). The parquet must then be rinsed with water, then with fine alcohol to varnish. The floorboards must then be rubbed with a brass-plated steel brush. The veins of the parquet floor in which the white lead paste will be spread will thus form.

Application of white lead paste

Before applying the white lead paste, shake the pot carefully, then spread it evenly using a bristle brush over the entire coating, always in the direction of the grain of the wood to avoid scratch the support. Let penetrate for one hour and remove the excess product with steel wool or cloth, and dust with a brush. The wood can then be varnished again with a cellulose or polyurethane varnish, if it is exposed to water or grease. Polish the floor and then polish it to obtain a color that is both soft and shiny. Note that other whitewashing pastes may be applied like wax. They must dry 48 hours before sanding the parquet in the direction of the grain of the wood.


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