Leveling a concrete floor

Leveling a concrete floor

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The leveling of a concrete floor guarantees the flatness of the surface. An essential step before laying tiles or parquet, for example.

Preparation of the concrete floor before leveling

The soil must be prepared before performing the patching steps. Please note: the difference in height must not exceed 10 mm. Dust for the first time with a vacuum cleaner. Clean the old surface by removing stains with a spatula. The holes must be filled with cement mortar, and the bumps must be removed with a chisel and a mason's knife. Sand the surface of the floor, then vacuum it again when the cement has dried. When the floor is ready, apply the primer to improve adhesion. Use a large roller or brush for this. The coating must dry 24 hours before the next leveling step. A waterproofing layer, a product sold commercially, can be spread if the place has a high humidity.

The leveling product for concrete floors

For the preparation of the leveling compound, mix it with water. Follow the instructions on the package for this. When the compound is homogeneous and fluid (stirred in an electric mixer or kneader), the application must be done quickly because it dries quickly. So, plan enough product to cover the entire room in one go.

Application and finishing

The leveling compound must be poured from a corner opposite the door and spread with a trowel in order to be uniform. Its fluidity allows it to smooth automatically. Let dry for 2 to 24 hours (depending on the thickness of the layer). You can then apply a new coat or finish the finish. To do this, sand the floor with a corundum sandstone and then vacuum. The final covering can then be applied.


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