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Faced with the diversity of insulating materials, the consumer can sometimes be perplexed. However, there is no quick fix but a type of insulation adapted to each need. Among the four major families of insulators, synthetic insulators stand out for their thermal and acoustic efficiency but much less for their negative ecological impact caused by their manufacture. Advantages and disadvantages of the main synthetic insulation…

Expanded polystyrene

Developed from crude petroleum, expanded polystyrene is the best known synthetic insulator. Sold in the form of panels, the insulation is used mainly on walls for which it provides very effective thermal insulation. On the other hand, expanded polystyrene does not provide satisfactory acoustic insulation. Note that the material alone is very flammable.

Extruded polystyrene

Manufactured using the same process as expanded polystyrene, this synthetic insulation has high performance technical characteristics, particularly in terms of resistance to thermal fluctuations and to mechanical compression actions. If its thermal efficiency is proven, its acoustic efficiency remains very low. This type of material is generally used for the insulation of solid floors or earth floors.


Composed of polyols, methylene diisocyanate, blowing agents and additives, polyurethane is often in the form of expansive foam very practical for insulating doors and windows. With a high performance thermal power, this synthetic insulation is very useful for conserving heat but much less for preserving cool temperatures in summer. Another disadvantage: its cost, higher than that of other synthetic insulation on the market.

Phenolic insulators

To obtain good sound insulation, phenolic insulators are the most suitable. Composed of phenol-formaldehyde resin, these insulators are ultra-light and also offer very effective thermal characteristics. > Request a quote to insulate your home


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