Renovate a tiled staircase

Renovate a tiled staircase

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Long neglected, the staircase is today an integral part of the decoration of a house. In wood, concrete or tiled, it should integrate into your interior. The tiled staircase is often chosen for its robustness against abrasion and for its easy maintenance. But it can happen that the tiling was badly laid, or that by taste you want to modify it.

Repair the existing in your tiled staircase

Before starting any renovation, you should check the condition of the tiled staircase. If one of the tiles loosens, or if the joint comes off, it is a sign that it must be changed. It is better to make sure that the other tiles hold correctly and that it is not a defect related to the concrete used below. Changing a tile requires having kept or being able to get the same tile as originally. Not always easy! Then you can scrape off the rest of the glue on the step and glue the new tile, taking care also to remake an identical joint and to keep the spacing between the tiles.

New look for the staircase

A tiled staircase can also be very easily dressed. For a glued coating, vinyl or wood type, it is preferable to scratch the existing tiles so that the glue sticks well. This operation is also valid if you want to lay another tile on top (provided it is non-slip) or metal plates. Painting is another quick and economical solution. The support must be clean and a bonding primer will be essential to ensure that the paint stays in place. There are also ready-to-use colored waxed concretes which will bring a very trendy touch to your interior.