Back: what color for which room?

Back: what color for which room?

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Color is definitely part of a successful decoration: it brings cheerfulness and style to your interior! But know that to color your home, there are a few rules to know. Fancy a spicy kitchen, a mustard living room and a Zen bathroom? Dé gives you the keys to a successful colorful decoration!

What you need to know about decorative colors

Colors are welcome in your interior. Note that we can mix several colors in the same room but not just any. Choose complementary colors that go perfectly together: yellow and purple, blue and orange, green and red ... The main decor rule is to use them sparingly, otherwise you will get bored quickly. The ideal is to combine two colors: a bright and a pale, or a dark color with a light color. Play on contrasts, shades and if you put a strong color on the wall, soften the whole with softer furniture. And vice versa. To be sure, get a color chart and paint samples before you start. Putting yourself in a situation before can save you regrets afterwards!
Color defines the mood of a room. On the left, pop and modern, on the right, softer!

What color to put in the entrance?

Entrance is the first thing you see when you get home: make it cheerful and welcoming! For example with a touch of yellow, dynamic color par excellence, which symbolizes inspiration and communication. Play the optimism card, associate it with a poster, a poster to hang with a word of welcome (WELCOME, SMILE…) or a lightbox with a positive message! Want a touch of daring? One or two fluorescent notes can illuminate an entrance, and constitute real decorative winks (painted chair legs, a few masking tape lines on the walls, around a photo…). Just to forget all the hassles of the office when you get home!
Treat your entry to feel good at home from the landing!

What color for the kitchen?

Kitchen designers are becoming more and more daring when it comes to decorating colors: indulge in beautiful red, duck blue, pastel or even multicolored cuisine! This brings a breath of fresh air to your room and promises shared meals in a good mood. If the total look scares you, opt for touches of color (a single section of eggplant wall for example is the most beautiful effect in a kitchen). Enhance the decor with kitchen accessories (cutlery, table linen, plates and glasses) in vibrant and contrasting colors to warm up your table. Also think of colorful seats (stools, mismatched chairs ...). The combination of black and white remains a must for a classic and modern decor at the same time, and bring a touch of yin and yang to your interior. Then opt for a beautiful black and white checkered tile, or a black worktop on white furniture: chic and refined! To each his own style.
Black and white cuisine: zero flaw in taste guaranteed!

The colors in the living room and the dining room

We spend most of our time in the living room or the dining room: these are THE living rooms of our interiors. Let's take care of the atmosphere! Ideally, we put on a dominant color and a complementary one. With neutral tones and a few strong pieces: for example taupe or gray walls, associated with a mustard or petrol blue sofa. And accessories here and there echoing the strong color: a cushion, a lamp ... It also depends on the atmosphere you like ... For a Scandinavian style, we will choose light colors and pastel colors, patterns geometric and a very soft decoration in natural wood. For an industrial decor, darker woods, metal, leather, black, a metallic red, a New York taxi yellow or even brown! Be consistent with your theme, the colors will impose themselves.
You can dare the color in the living room, no objection!

And for the bedroom, what color should you choose?

In your bedroom, a rest room by definition, you might as well bet on soft atmospheres and feng shui. The ideal color remains blue and its variations (turquoise, indigo, navy ...) because it is the soothing color par excellence, symbol of a return to calm. Pastel or flesh tones are also required for a bedroom in a "cocoon" spirit. For a more natural atmosphere, you can also play the soft green card. Especially in a child's room. The winning combo is to mix white walls, a gray wall section and colorful accessories to your child's taste! No total look, but subtlety.
We do not think about it, but a green room of water will be conducive to rest.

For a bathroom? Green or energizing colors!

The bathroom is the ideal room to indulge in color: bet on a cheerful and colorful decor. As we spend an average of one hour a day there, we might as well get going in the morning to face the day: blue, purple and even orange for vitamin awakenings! The natural anti-stress green will give a Zen side to your bathroom, which you can extend with light wooden furniture! Two options: put color on the walls with energizing paints and rather sober furniture, or on the contrary an off-white, or light gray paint and a set of colored furniture. Choose the type of decor you like (design, pop, vintage, classic ...) and accessorize accordingly!
Blue is perfect for the bathroom. But turquoise adds a touch of originality!