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File: the glass door

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To bring brightness to your interior, it is wise to choose a glass door. Much more aesthetic than a wooden or PVC door, it offers a warm atmosphere on a daily basis by perfectly insulating your home. There are models both for the interior of the house and for the front door. The editorial team gives you a practical guide to the advantages of a glass door.

The advantages of a glass door

When you own a home, you are constantly looking for improvements. Glass entrance and interior doors offer many advantages. The primary advantage is to take advantage of the outside light and, at the same time, an additional heat source. Do not imagine that a glass entry door is less secure than a wooden or PVC door; in fact, the door is generally fitted with double glazing or even triple glazing. Some manufacturers also offer glazed entry doors with burglar-retardant triple glazing. In addition to these advantages, there are glass doors very design with asymmetrical cuts for a modern result. For entrance doors, it is strongly recommended to opt for models with sound insulation as well as thermal insulation.

A glass door: what are the prices?

There are no fixed prices for the glass door. The amount of the investment will essentially depend on the quality of the glazing and the materials used for its manufacture. In addition, it is good to know that a door with asymmetrical or colored glazing is much more expensive than a traditional door. The dimensions of the door also have an impact on the price. Double glazed entry doors, for example, are expensive, but add a touch of elegance to the home. To give you an estimate of the prices, it is possible to offer the comfort of a glass door from 160 €, if it is a traditional door with standard dimensions. There are more expensive models with a price range between € 250 and € 850 for custom models.

What curtains, blinds or roller shutters to adopt for my glass door?

The disadvantages of glass doors are felt at daybreak. As soon as the sun rises, light enters your living space, which can affect the quality of your sleep. To avoid this inconvenience, you can install curtains, blinds or curtains on interior glass doors. The choice is vast and will depend on your preferences and requirements. The awning has the advantage of being easy to maintain. If it is an entry door, we recommend installing an exterior roller shutter. The roller shutter can be equipped with a key lock to reinforce the security of your environment.