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File: the loft bed

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A mezzanine, ideal for a child's bedroom?

Yes! The loft bed is indeed the star of children's bedrooms. It frees up floor space, which makes it easy to place a desk and some storage furniture or to enjoy a play area.

This type of bed is no more dangerous than a conventional bed. You just need to explain to your child that you shouldn't swing over the guardrails or play on the ladder. Some large furniture stores, such as Ikea, Conforama or But, offer beds specially designed for children and lower than those for adults.

There are beds in the colors of the heroes of toddlers, but it is better to opt for a sober model which can last for many years without going out of style. This will save you from having to change your loft bed in a few years.

Then, dress the sleeping area in soothing colors and create a perfect little nest for your child! You can install an overhead light garland, so that your child has a night light to reassure him at night. Also consider installing an easily accessible lamp on the loft bed, so that your child can turn on the light if he needs to get up at night.

The ideal solution for a studio or a small room?

The loft bed is no longer reserved for children's rooms. Very practical for freeing up floor space, it is now widely used in teenagers' rooms or student studios. It allows in fact in a small room to combine a sleeping space and a workspace or relaxation. Most loft beds for adults allow you to stand underneath, and thus have a real living space under the bed.

In black wood, metal or lacquered white, there are all the finishes to match its decor and create a design and comfortable universe. Some all-inclusive beds even come with a ladder serving as shelves and an integrated bench seat underneath.

Do not hesitate to invest in good quality furniture and take the time to do a careful assembly. Indeed, it is very uncomfortable to climb up and sleep in an unstable or squeaky bed each time you turn around.

How to furnish the space below your loft bed?

It depends on the vocation of the room and the age of the person who lives in it.

For a child, you can choose to install a desk to do homework, large closets to store clothes or toys or leave the space free to invite friends and play. You can transform the space under the loft bed in a cabin, like a playhouse by putting a soft carpet and large cushions.

For a teenager, a student or a young adult, we can place a sofa bed under the mezzanine, so we can receive friends without having to install them on the bed. You can also add a small TV and a game console. Or transform the space into an office with integrated library for the more studious. Consider installing a light under the loft bed that is suitable for this space.

Installed in a guest room, a mezzanine is very practical to camouflage a large volume of storage while being able to accommodate friends or family members in a comfortable bed. You can thus install a dressing room under your loft bed, with shelves and optimized storage. Camouflage this space with a curtain fixed on the loft bed.


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