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Feature: the shower curtain

Feature: the shower curtain

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Why should you prefer the shower curtain?

To avoid splashing when taking a shower, there are different elements including the shower screen, the shower door or the shower screen. However, these products are often expensive and represent real investments! The shower curtain is therefore a practical and economical solution to protect your bathroom from splashes and prevent it from being flooded…

Another major advantage for the shower curtain: its plurality of models ! Indeed, with a shower curtain, it is easier to accessorize your shower with the decor of your bathroom while preserving its privacy ...

Let’s also mention that the shower curtain easy to hang on a shower bar. Moreover, there are several types of bars like the straight extendable bar with suction cup (for any type of shower), the corner bar and the bar without circular or semi-circular wall (which are fixed to the ceiling or on the wall ). So many decorative solutions possible depending on the layout of your bathroom!

What material (s) to choose for your shower curtain?

If you have chosen tobuy a shower curtain, we will have to dwell on material. And for good reason, it is more or less easy to maintain. Here is a list of the main possible materials for shower curtain:

  • The pvc shower curtain (plastic) is the most common. He has the unpleasant habit of sticking to damp skin. It is cold and mold can appear on the bottom of the curtain (humidity). Over time, the curtain tends to turn yellow. It is a so-called first price investment. It washes with water.
  • The fabric shower curtain (cotton) is the most aesthetic. It is usually lined with plastic coating or coated. We like its waterproofness, its impermeability and its ease of maintenance. It is easy to wash in the machine or by hand.
  • The polyester shower curtain is halfway between the plastic shower curtain and the fabric shower curtain. It has good resistance and is machine washable at 60 ° for impeccable cleanliness. An anti-mold treatment is necessary before installation.

You hesitate between the subjects? Be aware that the polyester shower curtain and the cotton shower curtain are more expensive than the PVC shower curtain. You have to double or even triple the purchase price.

How to properly maintain your shower curtain?

There you are with a shower curtain brand new and freshly placed in your bathroom. It’s good… maintain it well to prevent it from getting dirty quickly and turning yellow over time. Yuck!

Most shower curtains are machine or hand wash with soapy water. If your shower curtain has traces of limestone, rub it delicately withhousehold alcohol. If the curtain partially has other stains, you can try to eradicate them with a mixture of 50% water and 50% ammonia (handle with care). Rinsing with plenty of water is necessary, as well as good drying.

A badly drying shower curtain will see traces of mold. It would be best if you spray your curtain with an anti-mold product before its first use.

Also make sure to position your shower curtain correctly: it must be placed high enough not to touch the shower tray.


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