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Feature: rock wool

Feature: rock wool

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A natural material, rock wool is used mainly as thermal and acoustic insulation in our homes. How to use it, what are its advantages and where to find it? This article will answer all the questions you have about insulating wools.

Stone wool, for what uses?

Mineral wool of natural origin, rock wool is mainly used for thermal and acoustic insulation of walls. In rolls, it is ideal for herringbone or interior insulation systems, both vertical, horizontal or sloping. Its easy installation does not require special skills. In addition, it is an economical material widely used by professionals and you will have no problem finding it. In granules, blown stone wool can lend itself to other uses such as insulation of floors or roof spaces by blowing. It is easy to install and contributes to the thermal performance of the entire home.

The advantages of rock wool:

- Excellent sound and thermal insulation properties - Fire protection: rock wool does not ignite and does not produce toxic fumes in the event of fire (Euroclass A1 certification) - Rot-proof and water-resistant - Resistant to termites and other insects - Easy to install

Rock wool or glass wool, the debate!

For good quality thermal insulation, prefer rock wool. Glass wool is less expensive to buy, but it degrades more quickly and its fibers are considered toxic by certain organisms. Also, the long fibers of rock wool have better sound insulation. It mutes the ambient sounds as well as the impacts and the footsteps, unlike glass wool. Finally, be aware that there are alternatives such as wood wool which can increase the thermal performance of your home in summer thanks to its greater phase shift.

Where to buy these thermal insulators?

Unsurprisingly, it is in DIY supermarkets, such as Leroy Merlin or Castorama, that you will find the greatest choice for a fairly decent price. You can also find them on the Internet and benefit from very attractive prices, especially if you only need a small quantity to complete a renovation, for example. If you want to save money, you can abandon the rock wool rolls and buy it in bulk. This system allows you to acquire exactly the quantity you need.


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