Feature: the inertia radiator

Feature: the inertia radiator

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In the family of electric radiators, the inertia device collects all the votes! Relatively recent technique, the inertia makes it possible to diffuse heat by radiation in a soft and progressive way. This high-end heater offers unique thermal comfort while allowing you to save up to 45% on your energy bill.

The advantages of the inertial radiator

The latest in heating devices, the electric inertia radiator has many thermal and economic advantages. It offers great heating comfort while saving money. True optimal thermal comfort! Also known as a soft heat radiator, this heater has many advantages. If its heating comfort is higher than that of convectors and radiant panels, its precise temperature setting allows savings of up to 45% on the bill compared to other heating modes. Finally, in addition to the absence of abrupt temperature variation, this radiant heating does not dry out the air and continues to operate even when it is off. An inertial radiator makes it possible to quickly raise the temperature of a room while diffusing gentle and homogeneous heat continuously. And all without drying out the air! But the last quality that will appeal to consumers is that inertial heating does not require any major installation work or special maintenance…

Dry inertia or liquid inertia?

Inertia is the ability of a material to retain heat and slow down its radiation and transfer, in order to diffuse soft and homogeneous heat. This diffusion makes it possible to maintain a temperature gradient not exceeding 2 degrees between the floor and the ceiling. This mode of radiator can be differentiated according to two models: dry inertia or liquid inertia. The dry inertia radiator has a resistance immersed in a heating core, such as a high intensity brick or refractory concrete, storing heat in order to slowly release it. In a liquid inertia radiator, the resistance is placed in a fluid derived from petroleum, glycol, or vegetable oil, ensuring the transport of heat with an optimal distribution. These two modes offer optimal heating qualities even if their operation is different. However, dry inertia radiators offer greater reliability and better performance, as refractory materials are known to accumulate and conserve heat optimally.

The selection criteria

Difficult not to succumb to the qualities of the inertia radiator! But to be sure not to be mistaken, different criteria allow you to make the right choice before buying. Thus, the inertia radiator is ideal in large living rooms as well as in bedrooms. Note that beyond 15 square meters, and for optimal thermal comfort, it is necessary to multiply the heat sources, to preserve all the qualities of radiation of an inertia radiator. Finally, last but not least, the price. Between 500 and 1500 euros, the inertia radiator is an excellent investment which saves money in the long term!

When inertia rhymes with economy

If inertia is a growing success, it is for its ability to reduce our energy bills by up to 45%! But how can you optimize all the energy capacities of this heater to the maximum? First, place the radiator in the right place, under a window for example, to "break" the cold drafts that are created at each opening. True little gems of technology, some devices are even programmed to detect the opening of windows. But today, if inertia is a real success, winning almost half of the market for electric heaters, manufacturers offer a wide range of names to meet all the needs for thermal comfort and limiting energy consumption as much as possible. .


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