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Feature: painting in the kitchen

Feature: painting in the kitchen

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A kitchen quickly becomes outdated. Fortunately, bringing it up to date is not necessarily very complicated: it can be enough with a good brush stroke. But you have to have some notions to get an impeccable result.

Choose a material suitable for painting

A pole for the ceiling, the woodwork necessary if you plan to make it, an appropriate tray and brushes of several dimensions ... to paint, you need a minimum of material. Without it, there is no need to hope for a correct result. That said, be logical: a pole is useless if you do not intend to redo your ceiling. To properly define your painting (for example between two walls of different colors), think of repositionable adhesive: you place it where your first wall stops, you paint without constraints. Then you put the adhesive back on the other surface, etc.

Renovating the kitchen: which paint to choose?

There is a wide choice of paints: glycero, monolayer, lime ... To modernize your interior, you need above all a resistant outfit. Do not worry about giving a satin or matt effect, or else creating relief. In a room constantly exposed to heat, steam and splashes, your paint should hold up no matter what. When choosing, look at the specifics of the paint in question. Good behavior is a selling point, so you will certainly find it written on the jar. Glycero paints are well suited to a kitchen. Also be aware that there are paints specially designed for the renovation of this room.

Repainting kitchen furniture

Most people renovating their kitchen take the opportunity to bring their furniture up to date. For them too, most of the time all it takes is a little paint. But they too must be resistant, especially if they are placed near the plates or the oven. Conversely, a shelf located at a good distance gives you more possibilities on the choice of paint, especially if the room is well ventilated. Nothing forces you to move your kitchen furniture: you can just go around it. But for a clean and durable work, it is widely recommended to repaint all the elements. If one day you want to move them, you will not regret having done the work until the end.

Repainting the tiling: how to do it?

As in the bathroom, tiling is very common in the kitchen. But unlike other materials such as wood, it must be well prepared to ensure that the paint will hang enough. On the tiles cleaned of any imperfections, make a transition to fine sandpaper. Then apply an undercoat, this step is essential for a good result, then plan for 2 to 3 coats of special paint, respecting the drying time between each.


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