After "The first name" in the cinema, place the first names in the decor!

After "The first name" in the cinema, place the first names in the decor!

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The comedy "The first name" taken from the play of the same name has just been released in dark rooms, inviting us to a meeting full of humor around the choice of the first name of the future baby. A subject known to generate debate between friends and family disagreements ... One thing is certain, when the newborn enters, there is no question of pointing the finger at his first name! On the contrary, we sing it loudly and write it back and forth and across, starting with the walls of our room…

With decorative letters

To write the name of your little wolf above his bed, on the door of his room or on a wall, decorative letters are welcome. They bend to all your desires: in wood, metal or stickers, available in all colors and in all patterns… It only remains to fix them in line, inclined or even so as to form a square or a round!

With stencil paint

The other possibility for surfing the trendy name and typography on the side of the little ones is to use stencils. All it takes is a brush and a bit of paint contrasting with the color of the walls to write the capital letters of his sweet first name: a little decoration that is easy to make and that considerably personalizes your bedroom…

With chalk

Slate-style walls or stickers are popular, especially in the world of toddlers. And for good reason, they allow us to vary the drawings and the writings written on the wall with a few strokes of chalk and cloth! The only one we wouldn't want to erase: the name of our little one. Written attached or in capital letters, the latter is determined to preside over the room for a long time.