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Practical and clever furniture in the nursery

Practical and clever furniture in the nursery

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In a few decades, the furniture in baby rooms has totally evolved. More practical, suitable for small areas, 2 in 1, scalable ... furniture reserved for newborns often contains many treasures of ingenuity. What are the latest news? How to make the most of them? Explanations.

The evolutionary bed

Ideal for small budgets, the evolutionary bed transforms to accompany your toddler from birth to early adolescence. It is therefore a piece of furniture that is part of the long-term, especially since children grow at high speed! From a cradle, it then turns into a real child's bed, which increases in size. All major furniture brands offer them today (Purpose, Paragraph, Fly, etc.), according to everyone's budget and desires.

The changing table

A real space-saving asset, the convenient changing table allows you to combine two imposing and essential pieces of furniture into one. For most of them, the changing table system folds or disassembles when it is no longer useful, once the baby has grown up. The furniture is therefore transformed into a simple chest of drawers, very practical for continuing to store children's clothes!

Wall changing table

It is a piece of furniture that knows how to be discreet, perfect if the surface of the room does not allow the installation of a classic changing table. Practical and aesthetic, the wall-mounted changing table makes it possible to hide unsightly products thanks to its flap which hides the contents.


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