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The entrance embodies the pleasure of coming home. The corridor is also the first place that visitors see when crossing the front door. Think of it as a piece in its own right. It doesn't matter whether your hallway is dark, narrow or long. A few decorative elements and a well-chosen painting will help make it warmer.

Corridor layout

Sometimes perceived as a waste of space in the house, the corridor can be as practical as any other room if it is well appointed. Save space in your home by fitting out your corridor, it's possible. Follow the guide! Narrow place and generally without window, the corridor is above all a place of passage. With a little imagination and a few adjustments, you will make it a functional and beautiful space. To save storage space, arrange your hallway in wardrobes fitted with sliding doors. Narrow shelves can be placed on either side of the hallway to accommodate trinkets or books. But it is also possible to use the entire height of the corridor to install others or even build a real library! The whole creates an impression of space and allows to highlight some of your most precious objects.

Decorate your hallway with style

First visible place when you cross the door of the house, the corridor must be welcoming. To make your hallway a full-fledged room, decorate it with taste. Retro style, contemporary, rustic, British, anything goes! With an extravagant decoration, immediately surprise your guests. To create a neat and charming decoration, start by taking care of the walls. Painting or wallpaper will signify the basic ambience of the space. To energize these walls, opt for paintings, mirrors, photos and / or murals. Optimize the style of your hallway. If it is dark, it is better to favor light and refined colors. Soft and energizing colors will bring a little light. Opt for details that attract and reflect light such as vases or mirrors. And why not decorate the corridor with a set of personal photos? This passage piece is made to attract attention. This customizable wall evolves over time and with your history since it is easy to change the photos as you wish.

The essential accessories in a corridor

The entrance is a passage area, but also the place where you stop when you enter or leave the house. Therefore, it must be equipped with practical and essential accessories that will make your life easier and allow you to save precious time in the morning. Heads up will appreciate having a place to keep all their personal belongings. These accessories include the essential shoe cabinet and the coat rack. And also install other practical objects such as a wall-mounted keychain, a phone holder, a jewelry basket, a box or other container to deposit coins and empty your pockets… Thanks to these accessories, you will find easily your little things.


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